Eating Great Food, Losing Insane Amounts of Weight!

The Real Secret On How To
Eat And Lose Weight Fast?

In a nutshell…. Calorie Shifting! “Finally, learn how to eat and lose weight without feeling guilty! Anyone can have their cake and eat it too and lose pretty much any amount of weight, if they have the time!

I’d mentioned something about more proof!  When you adopt an eat to lose weight diet plan you consistently make changes. All of the changes that I made amounted to even more efficient fat burning. Things that my body really don’t want to give up like:

Eating late at night! This is a major no no! Your body needs to shut down and rest, regenerate! If it doesn’t get the rest it needs, it could become stressed.

A stressed out body can start to produce cortisol! This chemical can literally work against your entire body! Not only can it produce fat where you least want it, around your mid section, but It can drive you insane….. That’s another reason you don’t want to starve the body. It will produce this chemical if you don’t eat.

Don’t lay down immediately after eating a meal. Stay up for at least 2 hours after your last meal, preferably around 7 or 8 P.M. In fact do this after every meal. Take a walk or something. Do something to pass the time.

Drink plenty of water everyday! It helps with faster digestion.

When you eat chew your food really well, you’ll get fuller faster. With eat to lose weight meals that’s another plus since you are only eating a certain amount of calories per setting, no seconds!

In the morning for breakfast substitute a lot of bad food for good fat burning activating foods. Take half as much sugar and cream in your coffee, or just go black. Black coffee doesn’t have calories in it, it’s the cream and sugar that holds the calories.

Actually time is on your side with a calorie shifting diet because your daily schedule isn’t a problem. What could be easier than eating food  at different intervals essentially adjusting what and when you eat and nothing else, to lose weight?  For spectacular results you may want to add a daily walk or two, or just purchase a used treadmill and or exercise bike.  Use it or them once or twice a day instead or in addition to walking.

Calorie shifting diets are trending right now because, well, they aren’t starvation diets in fact they are just the opposite, in that you eat more frequently. When it comes to eating and losing weight the right way, naturally, what could be more down to earth, a little pun there, lol.

Keeping a fired up metabolism is the secret to eating and losing weight. To do that you need to build lean muscle tissue, part of the process.  The more lean muscle you have the faster your metabolism burns. By the same token the more fat your body has and less lean muscle the slower your metabolism will become, as it stores more than it burns.

So although, technically, you can just eat and lose all the weight you want you could just walk and still lose large amounts of weight quickly.

The thing is virtually anyone can do this because, unlike typical food meals and conventional weight loss plans alike, they basically starve you in one respect or another and with calorie shifting you eat just like before but you’re cutting out the calories and your  eating schedule is changed. Look eating to lose weight in any situation

If it’s one thing i’m learning everyday about life and that is that things aren’t supposed to be hard, even losing weight, but we tend to buy into so much hype out there and as a result don’t get the results we want. My proof… by the way is that, I am it, it does work and well.

I go off of it once or so a month. Binge within reason. I binge on steamed vegetables and broiled, stewed and grilled meats.

Why binge? This helps the body from know what you’re doing because if it found out, detected the fluctuations in weight, despite all efforts, your progress will stop!

When I first started I knew 2 things. I had to really stick with it, be patient, and don’t listen too much to others when you’re looking at the results yourself, Believe in yourself, that’s your strongest virtue, to know that you can reach your goal, and stay with it, don’t fall off the wagon too long, don’t bet yourself up, shake it off! Don’t forget about what you’ve accomplished learning your new eating and losing weight skills.

Relax and think about what you want to do. Do the research! Actually it’s been done! I lost over 1oo lbs. the last year and a half and wasn’t even too conscious of doing it because of the ease of the routine. In fact at times I would be sick and tired of eating so much so soon, in the beginning, but then I soon realized that that’s just a trap! Don’t skip your meals, because they are what keeps the fire lit to your remarkable weight-loss efforts.

In order for eat to lose weight meal plans to work effectively you have to eat the meals! eat-burn-foods

For me, I’m not in the present condition to go all out lifting heavy weights and all that everyday. I’ve never really ever liked to work that hard on anything. You shouldn’t have to with this. When you’ve put in about enough effort for getting results out of things, if after adequate time you’re not getting the results you expect, change your approach to the solution! This isn’t for everybody, although I fail to understand why it wouldn’t be.

That’s how I feel about eating to lose weight diets, I mean it truly is a no brainer because you’re actually getting the best of both worlds and staying well nourished the whole time.

In the morning always eat something within the first 1 to 1 and a half hours to get things started for the day. Typically this is one meal that could be 300 to 500 calories, depending on what type of work that you do. Mental exertion is just as draining as physical. Eat something else a couple of hours later, fruit. An hour or so later eat a 400 calorie meal, you get the idea? You’ll have tons of energy and your mind will be clearer too.

Oh yeah! Take vitamin supplements for some of your general nutrition needs.

Though we may build some of the most extreme machines and are one, human beings have to have rest. Regardless of how you may feel, if you don’t get rest, well, just look at resting as a regeneration process and part of that process involves something eliminating that we’ve already discussed, STRESS.

People always are always asking, why the illnesses and all the obesity and better yet why all the heart diseases and cancers etc. A very large of part of it, incredibly large, is diet!

Another very important thing! Find a way to stay affiliated with at least a primary Doctor. This is very important because it’s easier to know what’s going on with your body and lessens your risk of, well, you can keep track of your health better and it’s documentation. Talk to your primary physician about your eat to lose weight meal plan ideas and that way you have a liaison to help monitor your progress in an official, off the record capacity.

You see an eat to lose weight meal plan includes pretty much the same kinds of foods that you are probably consuming right now, maybe perhaps even better than a lot of those foods, but just because you can do it, eat essentially anything you want, your goal should be to stick with only the foods to eat and lose weight with instead. They are typically going to be better for you anyway.

350x50-1But what could be easier, to lose weight eating and actually see the results or to think, use and continue getting the same conventional weight loss systems, and take the, very unhealthy pills, never a real solution and definitely not a natural one, and outside of not getting the results you want, you’re putting your health at a very unnecessary risk as well.

All you have to do is just rearrange what, when and how much food, in calories, you eat and lose weight with.

Everything else just adds to the effectiveness of this sensational diet method on how to eat and lose weight quickly, naturally effectively and without putting yourself out, literally! There is nothing in your past everyday life that really isn’t better in that your choices are only with the types or kinds of foods you eat and the intervals. Realistically, you have to do something for results with anything and weight loss isn’t easy to do for most but tell me, when ever have you seen something that you indulge in that tends to hurt you when you do it and then that same action that got you there, ironically, happens to be not only the best method for you, healthy, but you don’t have to go out of your way to do it you just eat!

That’s what the meal plans are! They are comprised with the best foods to eat and lose weight fast. The meals address the caloric intake in respect to the portion sizes. They will be eaten in a manner that keeps the body’s metabolism engaged all while keeping it’s natural ability to detect, adjust and hinder what you are trying to accomplish, plateauing, at a minimum, this allows for maximum fat burning. Already thought out (done for you) menues so you don’t have to worry about how to put a calorie burning meal together.

Enter the calorie shifting zone!

Calorie shifting is an amazing weight loss technique or process that enables you to do something that is necessary in order to get the results that you are looking for. Fast weight loss results from fat burning brought on by:

Boosting your metabolism

Through eating the right foods that are low calorie but still keep you fully nourished but not hungry while providing all the nutrients needed for building lean muscle. Generally the more lean muscle you have the faster your metabolism. Lean muscle burns energy!

Another way to build muscle and boost your metabolism is exercise! Cardio where you challenge your heart muscle can be beneficial but start out slow and work up to just till you start to get winded and see how you feel, for the first week and gradually work up towards where you should be or as close as you can get without putting yourself in any danger.

That’s it for this post until the next one!

Love and Happiness!