Growing Great Hair and Nails

Most women want to grow long helathy hair along with hard as a rock nails. Both our hair and nails contain a protein called keratin. Because of this common protein, both hair and nail growth are affected by many of the same factors. Though our genes dictate that our nails and hair grown at a certain rate, we can make sure that this growth is maximised by having the healthiest nails and hair possible.

What we eat can very greatly effect how our hair and nails grow. Those who study holistic health believe that a persons nails can show deficiencies in minerals or toxins that are in a persons system. Signs of issues in the body may be nail coloration, horizontal bands in the nails, weak or flaking nails. People with vitamin deficiencies typically have ridges in their nails, and the nails tend to be weak. You can boost your nail and hair health and growth by using a multivitamin that contains biotin along with consuming fish oil tablets.

Now that you are taking these multivitamins you want to make sure those vitamins get to your hair and nails. This is where some alternative therapy can come in handy. Massaging the scalp and cuticles with an oil such as jojoba oil, increases the blood flow to those areas. When you increase the blood flow you are removing toxins that may be building up in those area while at the same time are bringing healing nutrients into them. You will be promoting stronger and healthier hair and nails by increasing the blood flow to the nailbed and scalp.

You can increase the blood flow, through daily exercise, to these areas. You can ultimately help your nail and hair growth as well by improving your heatlth through exercise. By addressing things form the inside out, you are more likely to have a healthier, nicer, longer set of nails and hair.

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