Why Drink Green Smoothies: 5 Benefits


Health Benefits Drinking Green Smoothies

  • Everywhere you look you are bombarded with the next great thing on the market for losing weight. There is one claim, however, that’s all natural and doesn’t require any extra supplements, and that’s the green smoothie diet. Here are some benefits of drinking green smoothies.
  •  – Easy to Start and Do. One of the top complaints from people as to why they never start any kind of healthy eating or diet plan is that it takes too much time. Making and drinking green smoothies is easy to start and only takes a few minutes each day.
  • – Great taste. If you’ve ever tried other diet foods, you may know that they’re not all that great tasting. Many are bland and others just taste nasty. Green smoothies can be made to taste the way you want just by adding flavors you enjoy. Just be careful not to add too much sweetener.
  •  – Filling. When you enjoy a green smoothie you will not feel those annoying hunger pangs that so many people complain of while on diets. You won’t run to the potato chips or other carbs because you won’t be hungry. Green smoothies are filling and you will eat less.
  • – Energizing. Drinking a green smoothie in the morning will give you a nice boost of what you need to keep going all day. In just one smoothie you’ll get nutritious vitamins, minerals and nutrients that never slow down your digestion. The natural ingredients are easily digested by your body and provide a ton of useful energy.
  •  – More fiber. Green smoothies are different from other drinks such as fruit juice or drinks made from a juicing machine. They contain the entire fruit and veggie, providing you with all of the fiber you need to keep everything moving along nicely, so to speak.
    To get you started, here is a super easy smoothie recipe packed full of healthy ingredients that will not only help you lose weight, but feel great at the same time!
    Super Green Smoothie Recipe
    1 frozen banana
    1/2 avocado
    1 cup bottled water
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1 tbsp vanilla
    5 mint leaves

In a blender, blend together all of the ingredients until smooth. Serve immediately. Serves 1

If losing weight and becoming healthy is a priority, then don’t stop at the smoothies…. Instead, drink a tasty, healthy and filling green tea! Green tea yields lots of healthy benefits including losing weight!


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